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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It is definitely fun to swim in your private pool during summers. A private pool in your backyard gives you a lot of flexibility and lets you have hours of non-stop fun, swimming and enjoying water sports with your friends or kids.

Here are 7 tips to help you keep your pool clean and healthy -

  1. If you notice any debris in your pool, just skim them off. If too much of debris is allowed to build inside the pool, it can interfere with your pool’s filtration system. You can install an automatic cleaner in your pool for effectively removing the small particles in the water. Make use of a net for removing the leaves and twigs that may have fallen inside the pool.

  1. Vacuum your pool on a regular basis. Empty your pool once a month and try to clean the pool manually. Take a brush to remove any dirt and dust that may have got deposited on the walls of the pool and then use the vacuum for better results.

  1. To ensure that your pool is safe and enjoyable to use, you have to keep a close watch on the water quality. Use the right chemicals to keep the pool water clean and free of contaminants.

  1. Chlorine is very important for your pool. It helps kill the micro organisms like bacteria and disinfects the pool thoroughly. Buy chlorine based products and try to add them after sun set when chlorine works more effectively.

  1. Test the pH level of your pool water. A pH level that is between 7.4 and 7.6 pH is desirable in swimming pools. Having a pH level above 8 or below 7 can cause problems to the swimmers and can also affect the quality of the water.

  1. Stale water can lead to the growth of algae and bacteria in your swimming pool. Make sure that you change the water frequently to prevent algae and bacteria from setting in and making your pool green and unhealthy.

  1. Apart from regularly changing your pool water, you can make use of algaecides. They help get rid off algae and prevent their growth.

If you find that swimming pool maintenance is time consuming and exhaustive, hire experts to do the job for you. But do not ignore regular pool maintenance.


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